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Program interfaces (API) for sending telegrams, letters etc.
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To send a letter you should perform the following steps.
    Step One - enter (or copy and paste) the letter text into a form.
    Step Two - enter the mailing address of the recipient (or to pick it up from the address book).
    Step Three - enter the sender's address (or to pick it up from the address book).
    Step Four - to select if somebody will refund my expences for your letter sending.
    There are some opportunities: you by yourself, a sponsor or nobody.
    If you will select the first way, you are offered to do it on the spot, i.e. in the browser, in this case you could select the refund amount yourself.
    In the second case (if we have a sponsor) - you will be able to entrust the refund to him, and when my smart program will print the letter, it will make a mark: "Paid by some kind sponsor".
    And, at last, the third case - the saddest one. You can not pay (or wouldn't like to do it), there are no sponsors (or there are, but are ready to pay for the letters to Australia or to Moscow only, but you are writing to Zimbabwe). So, to send your letter, I will have to buy the paper, envelope, stamp and all the rest on my own expence. But at a lack of money I have to be a breadwinner for my family and two cats. Therefore, if in the first two cases I promise to print and send your letter within one business day, I can not guarantee to send it so quickly in the third case.
    Oh, the introduction turns out to be so long, so I thank everybody who could read it to an end. And now, come on: Step one.
Need to send letters from your own website or application, using Napishi.Ru as messaging "engine"? Now it can be easily made using external XML-interfaces.

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