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How to pay
Program interfaces (API) for sending telegrams, letters etc.
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How to pay
My postage expences you can refund by many ways:
    1. You can contribute some amount on your account in my system (by any way, described below) and then spend it sending messages. This is the most suitable and optimal way, it will allow you to send messages regardless of place, from where you work with service - from home, from work, from internet-cafe or hotel.
    2. You can pay for each message separately, when you send it - by electronic payment systems WebMoney, PayCash (another name - Yandex.Money) or Money@Mail.Ru (another name - MoneyMail). They allows anonymous and free registration, allows to pay in a seconds and with minimal commision, allows to renew your account from any place in the world.
    3. Sometimes i get a sponsor, that is ready to pay for your letters in exchange of placing small advertisement inside.
    4. The last way - not to pay at all. If you have some legitimate reason, and can present it - you can send letter in Russia on my expence. I cannot say, in what time i'll send it - next day, next week or maybe later - it depends on how long ago i got my paycheck.
    Below is the list of modes to renew your account:

Please, login before use any of payment options below!

Payment processor - PayPal, transaction fee is $0.30 + 3.4% 0. Enter any amount in USD and submit "Ok" to proceed.

Payment via WMTransfer (WebMoney) payment system. Enter amount, choose currency and click submit picture.

Payment via ROBOXCHANGE payment processor. It supports A LOT of electronic currencies. Low commission. Enter any amount (in USD) and submit "Ok" to proceed. You can pay in WebMoney, PayCash, Yandex-Money, Money@Mail, e-gold, Territory, Robo Game Card, .masterhost, INOCard, RuPay, Pecunix, InterBill, LibertyReserve, e-Bullion Gold, USD Bets...

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