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Welcome to Napishi.Ru!
Using this service you can send not an email but a snail-mail (paper letters), telegrams, fax messages to any country of the world.
    You don't need for it anything except Internet access. Service sends letters to Russia on donation base – amount of your compensation and compensation itself fully depends on you. Letters to other countries and all other messages should be paid.

NewsRSS 2.0

4/20/2016 05:39
Now you can top-up your account with PayPal - from "How to pay" page.

3/10/2016 04:57
Unfortunately, payment via Robokassa is unavailable. Temporarily, I believe.

10/4/2015 21:10
New option for telegrams - "Delivery notification". Enjoy!

7/27/2014 07:54
We set the equal price for letters in any country.

4/2/2014 20:01
Good news: letters and telegrams to Crimea now billed according to tariff zone "Russia". Don't forget to choose right country in address.

12/31/2011 11:08
Happy New 2012 year!

10/13/2011 14:21
Now you can top-up your account via PayPal - just make a transfer to

7/18/2011 00:00
We're going to vacations, for 2 weeks. SMS, telegrams and telex messages will be delivered in automated mode, as usual. Letters will be collected till August, 1.

6/28/2011 20:30
Due to database server failure we were offline during almost 20 hours total. Sorry for inconvenience, now we are up and running.

5/6/2011 17:23
Rebate! For each telegram sent since now to May, 9 (inclusive), sender will get $1 back to his account. BTW, now we have 25.000 registered users and counting.

8/14/2010 13:13
We're going to vacations, for 2 weeks. SMS, telegrams and telex messages will be delivered in automated mode, as usual. Letters will be collected till August, 31.

5/5/2010 00:13
Rebate! For each telegram sent since now to May, 9 (inclusive), sender will get rebate - $1.

3/5/2010 11:17
Rebate! For each telegram sent since now to March, 8 (inclusive), sender will get rebate - $1.

12/30/2009 23:00
Christmas and New Year action - for each telegram you send from 31 December 2009 to 10 January 2010 you'll get 1 USD back to your account. Happy New Year!

2/25/2009 08:00
Send card telegrams (congratulations or condolence) without additional charge.

2/13/2009 08:00
Sending telegrams is available again.

11/2/2007 00:24
All systems restored, payments accepted.

10/31/2007 00:47
Problem solwed. If you still getting errors with site or API - let me know.

10/30/2007 17:06
Our site suffers from DDoS attack since today 9:40. Our hosting company noe tries to defend us, but no effect yet. If your can see this message - your are lucky man. Stay tuned.

5/27/2007 01:32
Now released delivery confirmation for paper letters. If recipient will send special formed sms (text) message, our server will process it, and will notify (by email) the sender of the letter about success delivery.

3/19/2007 12:15
Few days ago the number of registered users of the service had jumped over 14,000

12/18/2006 01:43
Now you can locate the mobile operator name by mobile phone number. Seems, that all countries and all operators are covered.

10/3/2006 01:43
Now you can put any amount of almost any electronic currency to your Napishi.Ru account. List and instructions are at "How to pay" page.

9/22/2006 19:29
Now you can top-up your account from US checking (cheque) accounts. Please, read instructions at "How to pay" page.

8/11/2006 17:15
Till now to August, 28 the site works in automated mode, personnel have vacations.

8/4/2006 02:58
Just launched the mobile content order and delivery section. Melodies, pictures, video and java-games for mobile phones. Accessible for customers of most russian mobile operators, and some nearest foreign ones. Registration is not necessary, comfortable directory with search option.

5/29/2006 08:33
Now you can receive notification from server about status of messages you sent. This feature is also available when sending via HTTP-API ("postback_url" parameter).

12/31/2005 16:20
Happy New Year! My present - checkbox "Remember me" in authorization form. Good luck!

11/27/2005 00:40
Added parameter "phones" for remote SMS-sending interfaces - it allows to assign full recipient's phohe number, without splitting it to country and region code.

11/23/2005 12:03
We also accept payments in Money@Mail payment system. It allows to add money to account by credit card, unlike many other russian payment systems.

11/14/2005 23:13
The site is now connected to three different SMSC (SMS-centers). That allows to cover all the planet, and also raises service reliability. If your SMS failed via one of them, it will be automatically forwarded to next SMSC without any delay.

11/14/2005 17:26
Due to numerous customer requests, HTTP-interfaces now can be used with simple GET-requests with url-parameters.

10/3/2005 16:00
Service successfully survives 3 weeks fully automated operation - no failures. Now the crew is onboard again.

9/7/2005 00:12
Russian Post raised tariffs for letters outside Russia. Also letters to Armenia, Tajikistan and Ukraine now billed as international.
Unfortunately, I should temporary suspend the rule by which account owners, having more than $25 on their balance, can send SMS messages for free.

8/26/2005 13:19
Somebody nominated our site to InterNit-2005 festival award. If you wish to vote - please, follow here.

5/25/2005 15:21
Our site survived The Great Moscow Blackout. MTW.RU - good hoster.

5/19/2005 14:07
Now available external XML-interfaces for sending messages via HTTP. Sending SMS and FAX works fine, other types of messages will be added soon. If you need to send automated notifications or subscriptions - please pay attention.

5/19/2005 13:58
As you can see, site news now available in RSS 2.0 format. Russian and english feeds.

4/14/2005 00:39
Now you can send SMS messages on behalf of arbitrary sender's phone number.

12/23/2004 00:07
Thanks to our sponsor Telegraph Pub now you can send letter or telegram to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) for free. Telegram cannot exceed 200 characters.

10/29/2004 01:57
Owing to the support of our partner, now you can send SMS messages for 4 cents only! But you still need to have positive balance to use this service. Please, read "How to pay" page to find ways to fill up your account. Now we accept credit cards.

10/26/2004 02:17
I forgot to tell you yesterday, that SMS will be sent for free, if your account balance exceeds $25.

10/25/2004 00:27
We launched the new service of sending SMS messages to mobile phones. Service is available for registered users with positive account balance. If balance exceeds $1, price will be 6 cents for 1 SMS message. If balance is less than $1, message will cost 7 cents.

10/20/2004 23:20
Due to a small bug in application, that sends notifications, some registered users got notification about message, they didn't actually send. The bug is fixed, we apologize to those, who was plagued with it.

9/16/2004 19:18
We resumed accepting WebMoney, PayCash (RUR, EURO, UAH), e-Port, Yandex.Money and e-Gold (via ROBOXchange).

8/23/2004 22:34
Our new sponsor - will pay for your letters to Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia.

7/12/2004 19:01
Our service now operates as usual.

8/6/2003 01:09
I just opened new section "Directory" for all kind of directories: phone area codes and postal codes of Russia and many other countries, telex network codes etc.

6/20/2003 01:25
Service grows. Finally, I set up a telex transmission.

5/8/2003 00:29
New option - now you can send fax messages via our service. Enjoy.

3/16/2003 01:47
Site moved to new location - now it hosted by MTW.

3/14/2003 17:40
In next few days site is moving to new hosting facility, so we will be unavailable for some time. Don't worry, we'll be back ASAP.

2/2/2003 01:00
Our partnership program started today. Every referral will bring you 5%-10% from each paid letter or telegram. Please, read instructions at "My partnership" page (available after authorization).

1/28/2003 00:01
New option for letters available - "registered letter". Currently you can send registered letter to Russia only. Option "registered letter with delivery notice" coming soon.

9/6/2002 18:09
Fixed minor bug with "extra" WebMoney invoices. Letters counter reached 4400.

6/27/2002 12:58
This week our letters counter reached a 4000 mark.

6/3/2002 12:27
Sorry for last days delay - we born a daughter Masha. All delayed letters will be sent today or tomorrow.

5/13/2002 14:13
Joint action for WWII Victory Day: site "Gates to Germany" will pay for all your letters from Germany to Russia.

4/8/2002 18:23
Now you can fill up your account with credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB). Read more here.

12/29/2001 12:51
Happy New Year, dear visitors! My service takes a rest till Jan, 8, 2002. All letters, composed till that date will be accumulated, and sent after. Good luck in new year!

12/13/2001 01:45
Now you can send me a custom picture - it will be automatically printed on every outcoming letter. This is for paid letters only, in free letters i print a sponsor's picture.

10/28/2001 01:37
Please, if you do not know, what to write in some address fields (company name or area, for example) - leave them blank, do not enter dash or underscore. After Nov 1 some difficulties would be possible accessing this site - server will move to another (faster) internet provider. Please, be patient, it will be up and running asap.

10/21/2001 18:58
I put an answers on two most frequently asked questions in Help section.

10/18/2001 21:00
Day four. Everything is OK. If you are living in Moscow - you have an excellent chance to get a kitten - our cat presented us with stripy quadruplet. If you need one - let me know.

10/16/2001 19:32
Passed the second day of active service load. The results are: more than 200 users registered, almost 400 letters written. No one was paid. From that moment i'm forced to restrict sending of such "free" letters - now you can write for free only in Russia. Sorry. That will not affect users, who supported the service. If you can read russian - look at russian version of news - maybe you'll find somethind interesting.

10/12/2001 22:09
Finally, we opened! You need no more envelopes and postage stamps, walk to postoffice and leave your armchair at all. Sending a 'paper' letters now as easy, as sending a email. Just register and enjoy. Good luck!

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